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Dress Code

Dress Code

Students enrolled in our MDA Dance programs are expected to wear appropriate dancewear and shoes to every class. The importance of proper attire and grooming is an essential aspect of the discipline of dance; it allows the instructors to see the student’s body alignment and provide corrections.

Hair must be neatly secured off the face, including students with short hair or bangs. Messy, unsecured hair and ill-fitting dancewear is a distraction to students, which affects safety, focus and overall performance.   


Dress Code 2018/19

Class Dancewear Tights / Legwear Shoes Hair

Wiggles & Giggles Pre-Primary

Pink bodysuit Pink tights Pink leather or canvas ballet slippers with elastics Bun

Primary to GR3MDA Company

Black bodysuit Pink convertible tights Pink canvas ballet slippers with elastics Bun
Jazz Black fitted tank-top, crop-top, or bodysuit Black tight shorts or leggings

skin colour beige tights

TAN jazz shoes Bun or low ponytail
Black fitted tank-top, crop-top, or bodysuit Black tight shorts or leggings Contemporary- Bare feet

Lyrical -Bare feet or Foot paws

Bun or low ponytail
Hip Hop T-shirt or tank-top Loose fitting, comfortable pants or shorts Black Indoor runners Neat and off face
Acro Black tight tank- top, bodysuit, or crop top Black tight shorts Bare feet Bun or ponytail
Tap Black fitted tank top or t-shirt Comfortable black pants, shorts, or leggings Tap Shoes Neat off the face

Dance Wear Stores

You may purchase dancewear at any dancewear store you like, but we recommend using:

Second Skin Fashions Ltd

8100 Yonge St, Thornhill, ON L4J 6W6



The Dancewear Centre

Dancewear Centre Canada
1150 Sheppard Avenue West, Unit 11, Toronto, ON M3K 2B5



The Dance Shoppe

50 Sheppard Ave. W. Toronto, ON, M2N 1M2



The Shoe Room

406 Jarvis St. Toronto, ON, M4Y 2G6