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Irish Dance Classes North York

Irish Dance Classes

Irish dance is back, with a fun new twist. Learn how to Irish step dance like Riverdance! This Irish dance program will cover the basic footwork of Irish soft shoe dancing. Students will learn how to dance solo jigs, reels, and slip jigs, as well as group choreography with a modern spin on traditional group dances.  Students who accelerate within the first years’ program will be able to move on to learn rhythmical Irish tap dancing. It’s just like drumming, but with your feet!

Irish dancing is a tradition that began to resurge in the 1960’s. Before then, it was often forbidden to share the dance in public, so the tradition continued in private. The famous rumour as to why Irish dancers keep their arms by their side is to help them hid their dancing if any authorities were to peer into the windows. Irish dance is now proudly shared and taught to anyone who is curious to learn.

The physical benefits of Irish Dance include muscle strengthening of the legs and back, balance, stamina, coordination, and rhythmic cadence. Mental benefits include increased attention span and focus, listening, memorization and confidence.

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Our family loves this place!!! All staff and the Choreographers are all very professional! Monica the director of master dance academy always encourages all her students to push themselves to their full potential!

Angel Swann

Thank you Monica for the tour. It was so refreshing for our family to meet someone with a true understanding of my daughter’s injury. We were very impressed with you and your dance studio. The stage blew us away, not to mention all the tumbling equipment.

Miriam Avila-De Angelis

I love it! My daughter dances there and what she learns is fantastic.

Maria Casalino-Marrone